Natural Resources Projects

Oil & Gas

Clearview has invested in oil & gas opportunities (exploration, reworking existing fields, royalty investments, etc). Clearview constructed a 120 mile long CO2 pipeline that supplied CO2 gas to Exxon/Mobile for tertiary recovery in Oklahoma fields. Most recently, Clearview has been active in the Barnett Shale Natural Gas play in and around Ft. Worth, Texas, both as a landowner as well as aggressively pursuing acquisitions and other opportunities. Clearview has recently made investments in coal-seam gas plays in Colorado and Louisiana.

Mining Operations

Mineral Resources, LLC is a Clearview entity engaged in mining, processing, and delivering to market high quality silica sand.

The sand deposit, located near Oroville, California is of sufficient size for long-term (30+ years) operations. The quality of the sand is suitable as industrial silica sand for use in the glass, fiberglass, filtration, and other industries.


In recent years, Clearview has become increasingly active in Wind Generation projects. Clearview has acquired over 10,000 acres of land for several future wind farms in Texas. The company also continues to pursue investments on the operational side as well.