Investment Strategy

  • Our goal is to achieve exceptional risk-adjusted returns in each of our various investment disciplines.
  • We place a high priority on the preservation and appreciation of capital. Clearview manages risk through intensive research and analysis, including consultation with numerous industry and legal advisors.
  • Clearview actively invests in a broad range of asset categories. Our typical real estate investments are "opportunistic", targeting the purchase of assets at a significant discount to replacement cost, development to a higher use, redevelopment, or repositioning of the asset.
  • Clearview actively invests in existing commercial mortgages and distressed debt secured by real estate located across the United States.
  • Our investment philosophy is to invest in projects where strategic, proactive entitlement, development, redevelopment, repositioning, leasing, and management expertise can add value.
  • Clearview's principals have built extensive industry relationships which have created a significant deal pipeline. Sellers call us as a result of our track record of quickly analyzing deals using sophisticated analysis, then reacting to opportunities in an aggressive, entrepreneurial way.